9.30 am - 4.30 pm

The Research and Development Cell aims to promote excellence in research. It initiates various measures to enhance the research and publication of the faculty and students.

  1. Dr Nisha Thomas (Principal & Chairperson)

  2. Dr Praveen S G (Director)

  3. Dr Dhanya Johnson (Secretary)

  4. Dr Anila George (Member, Dept of Envronmental Science)

  5. Dr Thomas Mathew (Member, Dept of Chemistry)

  6. Dr Mary M Abraham (Member, Dept of Malayalam)

  7. Dr Dilip D S (Member, Dept of Mathematics)

  8. Dr Sajan Thomas (Dept of Political Science & Public Administration)

  9. Dr Vidya Vilas (Member, Dept of Chemistry)

  10. Dr Brilliant Rajan (Member, Dept of Environmental Science)

  11. Dr Jiji S G (Member, Dept of Physics)

  12. Dr Kaladevi V (Member, Dept of Environmental Science)

  13. Dr Sharow Geeth Vincent (Member, Dept of Chemistry)

  14. Dr Liji John (Member, Dept of Chemistry)