9.30 am - 4.30 pm


St. John’s College Library sprawls across a floor area of 743.22 square meters over two floors, with a reading space spanning 185.81 square meters, and the stack room covering 278.71 square meters of carpet area, the building surrounded by windows that allow a profuse flow of natural light. The ground floor comprises a circulation section, a general reading area, an air-conditioned digital library, a reading section with a capacity of 110 seats, stocked with journals and books for researchers, the librarian’s cabin, and the property shelf. The first floor houses the stack area, where books are meticulously arranged according to the Dewey Decimal Classification. ‘New Arrivals’ (recently purchased books) are prominently displayed, with newspapers and periodicals showcased on a separate shelf adjacent to it. The library complex houses a collection of 65,348 books, 3 journals, 18 periodicals, and 8 newspapers (3 English and 5 Malayalam), along with e-resources.

  • Library Automation

The college library has implemented a comprehensive automation system to enhance user experience and efficiency. Barcoded ID cards grant access through entry and exit gates, tracking students' library usage. At the entrance, a computer equipped with Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) facilitates easy searching of bibliographic details of all library documents. This OPAC system is also accessible remotely via the college website, enabling students to explore library resources from anywhere. Moreover, the library is fully equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, facilitating access to online content. Additionally, a dedicated E-Learning space within the library provides individual workstations for research students, fostering a conducive environment for academic endeavors. This integrated automation system streamlines library operations while providing students with convenient access to a wealth of scholarly resources.

The library is fully automated with Libsoft, a free and open-source Library Management System. Libsoft has revolutionized various aspects of library management, particularly book circulation, streamlining processes and improving user experience. Recently, by incorporating EMBASE, an integrated learning management software, the operations of library is optimized, particularly in managing the e-gate register. With Libsoft and EMBASE working together, the library operates seamlessly, ensuring that students and staff alike have easy access to resources and a smooth borrowing experience.

Library Advisory Committee

  1. Dr Nisha Thomas (Principal)
  2. Dr Thomas Mathew
  3. Dr Brilliant Rajan
  4. Mr Binu K Joy (Supdnt)
  5. Rev Sr Rabaeka Rachael V G (UGC Librarian)
  6. Mr Sunoj J Daniel