9.30 am - 4.30 pm

St. John’s College, inspite of its rural locale is keen on providing the best to its fraternity, especially the students. With this intention the institution which stands as a beacon of light that shines before human kind as facilitates which are turning into state of art quality with the approval of DBT & DST-FIST.

The institution has a spacious library which can boost of reference books, academic books, novels, magazines and journals. Apart from the printed version the library has an online database with subscription to numerous journals with N-lists provided to students and the faculty to assess the INFLIBNET.

One class room each from a department is a smart class; this is where the digital St. John’s concept has started reaping fruit. ICT enabled teaching-learning can be easily done with the assistance of digital class. Apart from department wise smart class room, there is an Audio Visual Theatre, where students are taken for workshops, seminars and panel discussions. There is also an ICT integrated class room where scientific and academic learning can be supplemented. The ICT integrated language and computer lab enables students to improve their language skills. Each console in the lab has separate headphones and software which assists in developing listening and speaking.

Majority of the students of the institution are girls, so keeping them in mind there is a recreation centre or the women’s development centre where they can relax or have food.

The PG department of Environmental Science has a water quality testing lab open to the public which can be used for testing the purity of water. There is also a rain water harvesting reservoir where rain water accumulates and it is used for daily needs. The practical laboratories of the science department has been transformed into labs which meet high academic standards and students can satisfactorily make use of these labs.