Simi SajuAssistant Professor of Chemistry

  • M.Sc., B.Ed
areas of expertise
  • Green Chemistry
  • Material Chemistry
  • Energy and Environment

Date of joining: 02.06.2014

Phone Number: 9744009325

Email Id:


  1. Synthesis and Structural Characteristion Studies of some trivalent Schiff base Complexes. Simi Saju, George Lukose, K.Mohanan, Sherifa Rahim. J.Chem.Pharm.Res;2013.5(5):241-249.

  2. Structural and Morphological Characterization of Zinc Oxide Nano Particles by sol-gel process. Simi Saju, P.Praveen Raj, T.Ajith J.Resea.Sci. ISSN:2278-9073:111-113.
  3. Modeling of Ionization Energy of Elements Using Hartree-Fock Method: An Introduction to Computational Quantum Chemistry for Undergraduate Students, Krishnamohan G P, Thomas Mathew, Simi Saju, James T. Joseph,World Journal of Chemical Education, 5 (2017) 112119.

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