Students Clubs

In order to acknowledge, boost up and to provide platforms for those students with innovative idea or creative potential the Innovative and Start Up Club is set up.

This club aims at fostering the musical talents of the students by giving them training, to carry out music concerts and competitions. Besides the weekly meeting, students gather separately as per the schedule for instrumental and vocal training.

Media club functions to equip the students with the new breakthroughs in the media. By arranging seminars, film festivals and career guidance classes, the students are sensitized on the emerging trends in this field. Theatre club provides an arena to exhibit the histrionic skills of the students, socially relevant issues are addressed through street plays.

Language is an index of culture. The college provides ample opportunities through stage programmes, kalaries, workshops and other training programmes as well as leadership training, for making oneself an excellent orator and leader.

This club conducts quiz contests and imparts training. It also carries out inter-school, inter-collegiate and inter university Quiz competitions.

To maintain physical, mental and spiritual fitness and to follow the footsteps of our Yogees and Rishees, Yoga exercise is being given to the students by well-trained Yoga masters. This helps the students to keep themselves away from stress and strain in life and to contemplate and concentrate.

To improve the Numerical skill of the students, the Department of Mathematics offers classes in numerical skill development. The classes will be held on all fourth Saturdays from August 2011.

With a view to generate awareness among the students and to check the evil effects of AIDS and to equip themselves and the community as a whole to prevent it, Red Ribbon Club is instituted in the College.

In addition to First aid facilities, to get emergency medical assistance to our staff and students, college has made memorandum of understanding with nearby hospitals. The college plans to bring the whole campus under medical insurance scheme.

This club has been set up in association with EDC, Kerala, to organize awareness programmes and entrepreneurship clinics, to introduce talented youths to industrial research organizations and to familiarize them with the latest developments in the field.

The centre organizes workshops and coaching classes to realize one’s career, to prepare students for various competitive examinations and to give information and technical assistance for placements in various fields.

Being fully conscious of he fact that good leaders are good orators also and a with a view to form adequate leaders from the college, Elocution Club is formed.The programme is conducted regularly to help the students to develop their oratory as well as leadership skills.

The college organizes crash programmes in language skill, targeting students and teachers coming from the rural schools. Every year the programme will be announced after admissions. The programme aims to give confidence and improve the quality of language of students and teachers. It consist of workshops, training, exercises and drill. It will be conducted during Saturdays and public holidays.

With a view to improve the students confidence level, encourage to widen the horizon of their knowledge and to develop their communicative and drawing skill, debate / drawing club is set up in the college.

To create a life style attuned to vibes of the Earth, to love and preserve the Nature, to protect the ecosystem, etc three clubs are formed in the college: Bhoomithrasena, Ecofriends, Nature Club. The members conduct a lot of programs with a view to love, preserve and protect the nature.

The intention behind the institution of the club is to have a very close acquaintance with and to admire at the multiplicity of the Mother Nature. The members of the club will engage in maintaining the natural diversity of the campus.

To discern and to develop the musical talents, to give practice in vocal and instrumental music and to carryout musical programmes of the campus, Music Club is formed.

The intention behind the institution of the club is to work against the use of alcohol and drugs. The cell organises seminars, campaigns, rallies, etc against such social evils in the society.

The Spoken Tutorial Project is the initiative of the “Talk to a Teacher” project of the National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology, launched by MHRD, Govt. of India. The objective is to pass on the knowledge of technology and free and open source software (FOSS) through the website in our college who lack opportunities and/or access to learn any software.

In order to make the students aware of human rights, to take actions for obtaining human rights and to fight against its violations Human Rights Institute is established in our college.

Besides the regular physical education, a Health Club is set up in the college for training the whole students through demonstrations, practices, etc. to lead a healthy life. A Multi Gymnasium of the college with all necessary equipments helps the inmates to progress in physical fitness. The Head of the Physical Education Department is the coordinator of the programs.

This forum aims at inculcating the students of their responsibility of caring others.

This cell works for the completion of the mission of the state of the nation ‘Each one teach one’ to attain cent percent literacy.

The forum will propagate the importance and create awareness on the need of donating organs and blood aiming at achieving the target of complete organ donated campus.

In association with the Kerala State Higher Education Council the College conducts Additional Skill Acquisition Programme for selected students every year for creating skilled persons in many fields.

In order to enhance the wisdom of the above average students and they should have firsthand experience with eminent personalities the Higher Education Council of Kerala introduced the this programme.

With the aim of supporting the average or below average students in order to raise their standard by stimulating their potentials through various activities SSP has been introduced in the College with the support of Kerala State Higher Education Council.

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