National Service Scheme (NSS)

   The Nation is always looking up to its Youth with pride and hope. The new and changing face of India is nevertheless the outcome of some revolutionary steps taken by the Governments, in the past few decades, those were centered mainly on the Youth of India. The institution of the National Service Scheme in colleges and universities is one such revolutionary step that has helped much in the struggle of the Nation towards progress.

  The NSS in the College has three units functioning exceedingly well under the leadership of two dedicated and enthusiastic programme officers. The NSS units of the College have a remarkably good record of team spirit and social commitment. The units regularly organize a number of student welfare and community extension programmes. Many awareness programmes are organized in the College under the auspices of the NSS. A lot of socially useful productive work is being successfully carried out during the annual ten-day camp conducted each year at different rural localities. The Programme Officers are Prof. Ronie Thomas (Dept. of Politics) and Mr Sumesh S S (Dept. of Mathematics)

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