National Cadet Corps (NCC)

   The NCC Sub Unit of the St. John’s College, Anchal is functioning according to the NCC Act of 1948. The College has one Army Sub Unit under 9(k) Bn NCC, Kottarakkara.

Aims of the NCC

   The NCC aims at developing character courage, discipline, leadership qualities, spirit of adventure and ideals of self-less service among youth to make them useful citizens; to make the human resources of organized, trained and motivated youth available for the service of the Nation; to build up a reserve of manpower to assist the Armed Forces in times of national emergency.


   The St. John’s College Anchal has given prime importance to national integration. Realizing the role of youth, in the defence of our Country, the College at its very birth has taken steps in starting an NCC Army Unit. Thus on October 21st 1965, the inauguration of the boys’ unit took place. Capt. M.I Thomas commanded the three units with the assistance of Lt. Thomas John and 2/Lt. MV. Abraham. The Unit had a strength of 300 cadets. In 1975, Prof. K. Vijaya Kumar was appointed NCC Officer and he retired from NCC in the rank of Major. Lt. Benny Thomas, the took charge of the company in 1993.
The present strength of the Sub Unit is one Officer and 160 Cadets. Under open scheme of enrollment the NCC Sub Unit provides training to Higher Secondary students of neighbouring institutions. Girl cadets are also enrolled in the NCC through its mixed unit scheme from 2004 onwards.

Organizational set up

   The Sub Unit is under the direct control of the Principal. All correspondence is through the Principal. He plays a vital role in motivating the cadets and the Associate NCC Officer (ANO). ANO is the officer who keeps the link between the cadets and the battalion. Presently Sri. Benny Thomas of the Department of Political Science and Public Administration is the ANO. At the Sub Unit level there are 1 S/UO and 3 U/O to assist the ANO. Parents play a very important role in motivating their wards to join the NCC. They render physical, moral and psychological support to their children.

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