Department of Physics

   Department of Physics has been one of the outstanding departments of St John’s College ever since its foundation in 1964. The department in the beginning offered Pre-degree courses and later on introduced BSC Physics in 1995. The department is equipping students to attain scientific attitude and awareness of the interrelationship with technology and society. Under the guidance of teachers, students get exposure of scientific knowledge in the class rooms and in the laboratory which leads to the acquisition of various skills as part of their curriculum. Presently, the department is headed by Mr Twinkle A R. Dr. SumaBai K.C, Dr. Bright K.C, Dr. Sreeja R are the other faculty members. The department has produced excellent results in the subject in University of Kerala. We are happy to state that over the last few years, our former students have made remarkable achievements in competitive exams like NET/SET/GATE exams and a good number of students are employed in various streams of life ranging from School teachers to Researchers.

B.Sc Physics

Duration 3 Years | 6 Semesters