Department of English

The Department of English has been a part of St John’s since its inception.  Established in 1964, it has been responsible for ushering in the overall progress of the rural students, by catering to the needs of the lower strata of the society.

Under the leadership of the eminent teachers, Prof. Thankamma Maret, Prof. PK Mathew, Prof. V Ramachandran, Prof. Oommen Mathew and, Prof. AJ John the Department achieved creditable progress. Prof. Caesar Antony K., Prof. Narayanan Nair, Prof. N Roy, Prof. KG George Kutty, Prof. PA Rajan, Prof. James Stewart, Prof. Lawrence W Fernandez, Prof. VK Prakasam, Prof. K Vijayakumar, Prof. MV Simon and Prof. KG Babu were the successive Heads of the department. Here’s the list of faculty (with their contact nos.) who were instrumental in the welfare and development of the department.


B.A Communicative English

Duration 3 Years | 6 Semesters

The faculty makes maximum use of the IT facilities available in college like the Audio-Visual Theatre, the Smart class and the Conference room. The students are shown movies related to their syllabi, ICT integrated classes are taken with power point presentations and Audio visual clippings related to their papers are shown. The department is techno savvy. It maintains an active Face book page called ‘doe– department of english’ and also has a Face book group named “BACE”, which is a closed group of the alumni, faculty and the present batches of students. Ample importance is given to student welfare also; the teachers are approachable and counsel them. They are taken for study tours and social visits; they are also active in the English Literary Association which organizes programmes periodically.

The department also has an Association of Communicative English or ACE, which comprises the Alumni. The ACE had its first meeting on December 21 where it selected its President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and an Executive Committee.

The department caters to leadership skills of the students by conducting OTP or Oratory Training Sessions for them. A UGC sponsored Add On Course in IT Enabled English Language Skill Development is being conducted for various batches of the college.