Department of Botany

   The Department of Botany started functioning with the inception of the College in the year 1964 as Department of Biology. In 1967, the Department of Biology was bifurcated into the Department of Botany and Zoology. Prof. K P Raveendran was the Head of the Department of Botany. Professors Mr. I M Scaria, Mr. Mathew Jacob, T O Varkey, Mr. C M Mathew, Mr. K C Babu, Ms. Saramma John and Mr. Sunny John were the Heads of Department. Professors Ms. Ramani Abraham, Mr. T Jose, Dr. Cherian Panikar,Ms. Elizabeth Abraham, Ms. Mary Remany Babu, Ms. Geetha George, Dr. Victoria, Ms. Suju Skaria, Dr. Thomson Kuruvila, Dr. Bindu Alex and Dr. Rejitha L R had served the Department. Mr. Jerry C Jacson is the present Head of the Department and other faculty members are Dr. Preetha S S and Ms. Kavitha C H. Mr. T D Joseph and Mr. Sammon are the non teaching staffs of the Department.

B.Sc Botany

Duration 3 Years | 6 Semesters
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Jerry C. Jacson



2 lacs

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Amitha S. Chandra